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XJ long AAL

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Well for what its worth the XJ 4" lift kit i got years ago for the manch from Trail Master was a XJ specific kit and i used the real AAL that came in the kit and it gave me 4" of lift out back and it just so happens to still be on the truck in a soa configuration though I'm trying to get rid of them at the moment for obvious reasions.

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Although the length would be different, would a long AAL for an XJ give the same lift to an MJ despite the SUA/SOA difference? Just curious....

For reference, the Rancho catalog shows the SAME long AAL for the XJ and the MJ, and they claim 2-1/2" for both. That didn't make sense, so I called Rancho and spoke with a product engineer. She didn't have an answer so she put me on hold and went off to talk to a real engineer. When she came back she said the catalog listing is a misprint. It gives 2-1/2" in an XJ and 1" to 1-1/2" in an MJ.

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