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Anybody make a bumper like this ..... ???

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Saw this at the PA Jeep Show a while back. I want one for my MJ bed trailer. I think it looks freaking hot, and functional. Its a compartment for storing stuff, but built into the bumper.


Anyone know another company that makes these? ...... the Bent Bumper guys are out of business.


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What would you keep in that, other than water allowing it to rust from the inside-out?


Looks pretty practical to me. Depending on how big the compartment is, you could store tow straps/recovery gear, trailer hitches, jack/handle, etc. If it was well designed, had some drain holes in it, I don't see how rust would be any more of a problem than with a standard steel bumper (especially if you treated the inside with a coat of POR-15 or spray-on bedliner)

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