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Need info for lift kit!!!

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The tittle say all!!! I'm new in the world of Comanche. I read for few week on this forum. I learned a lot of thing but i want to be sure of my choice to do it right the first time. My Comanche is a 1991, I6 4.0L, Manual, Dana30 on front and Dana44 on back. I had a Suzuki Samurai few years ago and love it. But with the comanche, i don't need to worry about the power to turn the wheel. I don't want to do a lot of rock. I prefer mud and little trail. If i can, i want to put 35'' for the look and the clearance. I know i will need to trim the fender but how much???


I stopped my choice on Rough Contry or Rubicon Express. I read here the best thing to do it's to put all the front lift kit from a xj kit and do the SOA on the back with shackle. What is the best between log arm or standard kit. Someone said we can call directly the compagny and ask a price for the front. My rear leafs spring are a little bit tire. Do you know somewhere i can order brand new for cheaper? Do i need to know something important. I'll take all what you will said. My Comanche need a little bit of love on the rear body and rocker but it's my project and i love the feeling on the back of the I6 .


P.S.: I'm from quebec...

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salut le francais


moi je viens de metre un lift de 4,5'' sur le mien

de hell creek

la compagnie appartiens a un membre du forum et si tu lui dit que tu est sur le site

tu auras droit a un rabais

livrer a ma porte pour 550$



le kit comprend :


coils neuf de 4,5'' pour le devant

sway bar relocation bracket

add a leaf pour l'arriere

et schackle plus long pour tes lames


I'm please with the result the lift gave me

but plan to go higher to fit my 35''

without to much cutting



for those who didn't understand I told him I had the 4,5'' hell creek lift kit and described what it included


by the way welcome to the forum !!!!!!

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I wouldnt run 35s with a D30,once you go to 33s they start breaking unless you pour alot of $$$ on them.


I din't see your post before answer... What i need to do. Change the gear like someone said earlier? Switch for a bigger axles? Which one can fit with not too much of modifications???

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BAH. I have a D30 front and run 35s on it locked. (With the larger joint shafts and 5-760x joints) and had it bouncing multiple times without breakage.


The weak parts are the hubs. Had one fail on the freeway that eventually caused a front wheel to come off at 60mph, after evidently running on the shaft for 20 miles after the hub split. But they are still the same hubs on the TJ Rubicon 44s.


Problem with the 35s is I can't feel the road underneath me, or tell how seriously something is wrong on the front end without getting out to look at it.


Also, for 35" tires with 6.5" lift and heavy cutting you still need to bump stop quie seriously. 33s are a better choice.

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Also, for 35" tires with 6.5" lift and heavy cutting you still need to bump stop quie seriously. 33s are a better choice.

I still don't understand why everyone thinks that they've gotta hack the crap out of their fenders to run 35's with a 6.5" lift? I run 35's on my XJ (aka smaller wheel openings) on a 5" lift without any issues. I run 33's on my wife's XJ with only a 3.5" lift with the factory flares still installed.


You can easily run 35's with a 6.5" lift. It's all in how the suspension is setup and how you have it bump-stopped. Suspension travel is not always about uptravel (though it's important; you don't need a ton of it to have a very capable rig). We run solid axle vehicles; when you hit your bumpstop is forces the other side down (aka more flex).


6.5" Motion Offroad lift on 35's. I've done very minimal trimming to the front and kept the flares in their original location;



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