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Gentlemen Behold! The BJ!

MJ is dead

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We all know what makes a Jeep so great when it comes to tackling the dirt, mud, and rocks. Short wheelbase, Big tires on a little body, Lightweight Body and Frame, Low gearing, Simplicity, and a lack of all things flashy.


Now what if someone was crazy enough to put all these qualities into a bike?

Who would do such a thing? what would you call it?


I present to you: The BJ!

(you can take those letters how you will, but it stands for Bike Jeep in my book :rotf: )

Image Not Found


I took a 20" BMX frame and extended it 5" to clear 24" MTB tires. As I lack a welder, I did this using Extruded Aluminum I snagged from work. Its secured to the frame in two places, and holds the wheels in line with the chain perfectly

Image Not Found


For the front suspension, I used a set of Triple Tree mountain Bike forks I had laying around

Image Not Found


I also didnt want any brakelines getting in my way, so I put a nice little dent in the front and rear of the top frame tube, and ran the lines through there. I decided I'd rather not run front brakes in the spirit of keeping things simple

Image Not Found

Image Not Found


I normally absolutely hate Chain Guards and fenders, but as this bike will be spending all its time in the mud and brush i decided to go with them. Think if it as skidplates

Image Not Found

As this bike will rarely see city use, I ODG'ed the reflector plates too :D


Then I shot the frame and forks with ODG, and everything that you see is black was given a coat of Bedliner, as Rattlecan just doesnt hold up too well unless you put about 8 coats on (I did with the Green) I cleared everything twice when I was done, including the wheels, after i Greened those too.


Had some spote where I scratched the hell out of the bedliner, and lets face it, you can't "touch up" bedliner so well

So I went to wallyworld and bought some of the new Digital Camo Printed duct tape

Image Not Found


Finally, no OD jeep is complete without Designation numbers

Image Not Found

Many thanks to Jimoshel for getting me set straight as to what the letters designate. Get the DRT part? :rotf:


Currently the bike is a single speed, using a deraileur to hold the back gears in alignment, and the fron sprocket is a huge one off a BMX, keeping things simple again


Eventually i'd like to:

Get a disk Brake setup for the rear wheel

Put a Bontrager Long reach neck on it

Wrap the grips in digital Camo Grip Tape

Replace the crappy formed rims with forged ones

put some new kevlar reinforced Tires on it

Maybe someday I'll return it to a 21 speed, but for now it stays single speed

Replace single piece crank with 3 piece forged crank


I'm just waiting on the Jeep vinyl to come in from ebay. it will then go on the top bar between the brake line


Wadaya think?

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Yes and no.I've hit the trails with all sorts of bikes. MTBs BMXs and even cruisers. Yes, its nice to have a few speeds when climbing up, but for the most part I usually leave it on one. Kinda a set it and forget it type deal.


I left the freewheel on it just in case I ever did decide to go back to a multigeared setup.


You can go to your local bike shop and buy single speed MTBs any day of the week. Gary fisher has quite a few

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Right now its only a single speed, and that's kinda the way I wanna keep it. For the most part, you don't need a lot of gears to take on trails


Wha? P/u an old Shimano Nexus 4-5-6 speed compatible rear wheel w. coaster brakes built in. Dump your rear wheel brake cable, and run a new cable from the Nexus handlebar shifter to the Nexus hub. Better brakes, cleaner, and you have a gear train to use. :cheers:

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