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Penetrating oil

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There has been a lot of discussion concerning the best penetrating oil to use. Lots of personal opinions but no facts. I am sending a copy of a article run recently in Machinist's Workshop magazine. They "scientifically rusted" a bunch of nuts, treated them with various penetrants, and then measured the torque it took to remove them. Here are the results.

Nothing 516 pounds

WD-40 238 lbs

PB Blaster 214 lbs

Liquid Wrench 127 lbs

Kano Kroil 106 lbs

ATF-Acetone Mix 53 lbs

The ATF-Acetone mix was a "home brew" mix of 50-50 ATF and Acetone.

Note that the "home Brew" was better than any commercial product. Note also that Liquid Wrench was as good as Kano Kroil for about 20% of the cost.

I remember someone here was recommending the ATF-Acetone recently. Don't remember who but they can pop in anytime and say " I told you so" :smart:

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It's interesting that the test results do not support my real life observations (or vise versa). Liquid Wrench has been around since I was a young pup -- PB Blaster has been around maybe ten years (or so). My experience has been that PB Blaster works MUCH better than Liquid Wrench. And Kroil works better than either of them.

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