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NHL Playoffs thread


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Looks like they will play Boston in the next round. If rask keeps playing like he has it will be a very good series......and Boston will win.


The Flyers destroyed New Jersey and looked very good doing it. Unfortunately for them they will be playing washington in the next round.

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Not a huge fan of NHL games, but I sure like the way the referees stand back and let the player brawl! :popcorn:


yeah alot of standing back blindfolded in playoffs for the refs


man Fuk the flyers they have the mentally of a 4 year old fight fight fight


the caps may make to final round but we will take them down







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You can thank Gary Bettman for my hatred of the Penguins.


East - Go Flyers!

West - Go Wings!



red wings suck this year


Right. Considering their flurry of injuries and their subpar record midseason it's pretty remarkable they were able to finish where they did in the standings. Gary Bettman calling the Pittsburgh Penguins the "model NHL team" is an f'ing joke. The Penguins were awful for half of the 2000 years and kept earning themselves high draft picks until they were able to draft enough raw talent to finally win games. The Wings have been consistently good for the last two decades and have never garnered a good draft position. The Red Wings find and create talent - the Pens just take the best available player on the board. How is that a model team? Probably because Bettman's closet queerbait posterboy Crosby is on the team.


Trivia question: Which team holds the record for the most consecutive playoff appearances of ANY professional sports team? I'll give you a hint - it's not the Pens!

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I'm a big Sabres fan but they disappointed me. Buffalo had to choke once again...... They do awesome all season long and then playoffs role around and here comes the disappointment train. :grrrr:


At least they made it to the playoffs! Their pro-sports counterparts, the Bills, haven't seen a playoff birth since the late 90's! I was pulling for Buffalo, too.

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