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Grrrr 2.8L gave up the ghost

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So I get the new brake lines on the MJ and the engine decided she finally wanted to go.


Now I'm looking at my options.


Junkyard 2.8L 90 day warranty

or something else.


I know the 3.4L is a bolt in with a machining of the flywheel to neutrally balance it.


What other options do I have out there? Remember all options have to gain a wife's approval and she has already nixed the 350sbc idea that floated in my brain. ;)


86 4WD Longbed


If a 4.0L is an option, how much work am I looking at? I know the clip needs changing and possible firewall massaging with hammer.


Cause my only other option is to sell it and buy another.

I'm only using this as a light wheeler Green/very Light Blue camping vehicle. So I don't need to go extreme and was actually going to be fine with the 2.8L.


So lets hear the opinions and see the writeup links.

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Loss of compression, oil coming out of the crank shaft in the front. She left a mess on the side of the road. :roll:

Should be getting a full estimate of the damage later today.


Really I'm mainly venting and fishing for ideas of how to put her back on the road.

Cause I don't want to scrap her, and unless I can show the wife I can find a reasonable cost solution, she will say scrap or sell it and get yourself another.


Going to have to go get it from the shop its sitting out now and let it sit in the drive till I figure out what to do with her.

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4.0 requires swapping hood, some welding to swap out the front header supports, and some massaging on the firewall.



do a 3.4 swap. if you can get a 3.4 with a 5 speed, and you have a 5 speed, it should be bolt-in completely. likewise, if you get a 3.4 with an auto and you have an auto, it should be completely bolt-in.




you need your exhaust manifolds and oil pan and all the bracketry from your 2.8...you will need to swap the harmonic balancer as well to keep the V-belts.


I would highly suggest going to fuel injection.

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Also the 3.1 from same vehicle, though I don't know the years for them. I have 2 86's now and am entertaining this as a future project as well. The 3.1/3.4 swap would be the easiest, quickest way to get you going again. As Jeepcomj says you may want to look into keeping the fuel injection from whatever donor you get... somehow possible to wire it up standalone and do away with the horrid 2.8 carb setup. Good luck

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I have heard a cummins 4BT fits in pretty good...


Rob L. :brows:

Rob, if she wouldn't go for the 350, I doubt she would even humor a 4BT discussion.


Well just got the quote from the shop.


A certified rebuilt 2.8L installed with 3yr warranty for $1200.

I told the wife to call him back about a 3.4L, cause if it isn't much more I might as well.

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:agree: too. :cheers:


The only thing that needs done extra to it would be the flywheel machining right? :help:


Its hard to put one over on the wife though saying I need this and that when she likes doing this stuff as much as me. :thumbsup:

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Installing the 3.4 would not be trying to get one over on her, it is simply the updated version of that particular engine that did away with the problems inherent to the 2.8. Simple as that! Now saying that you NEEDED a 350 in there would be trying to get one over on her. Saying that you can't install a 350 without adding a 4.5" lift kit would be getting one over on her! Saying that the new lift kit will need 33x12.50x15 tires to make everything correctly proportioned would be getting one over on her! Just tell her all this, and the 3.4 will be let right in the door! Good luck man! Youre gonna need it!

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Tell her you need $3500 to put a 383 Chevy in it. Then when she convinces you to stay with the 3.4 you both will have won.

What do divorce lawyers get now?

Cheaper to keep her. And to warn ya she does read the forum and has an account too. :eek:

That and she knows engines, so hard to pull one over on her like that.


I'll figure out what I want to do with it this week.

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