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Depends on how far your current springs have sagged. It depending on axle tube diameter, perch height and spring pack thickness. IIRC, using Ruffstuff Specialties perches, stock spring pack and a Chrysler 8.25" will give you 5.5" over the same springs SUA. So with the same axle and perches you would be 5.5" higher than the new springs, plus how ever much the new springs lift above your old sagging current springs.

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What are some benefits of doing a spring over and whats some bad things about it :???:



relatively cheap 6" of lift

fewer things under the axle that will catch trail obstacles



properly lifting the front to match is expensive

springwrap issues increase

driveshaft should be lengthened an inch or so

all the problems associated with lifting a truck 6" in the air

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there are always variables. :D brand new springs will generally give even more than you expect and then settle in to their ride height over time.


No damnit, no variables............ :rotfl2:


I realize all of the standard stuff. But I was trying to get away with someone saying, well if you have springs that have been sagged for 10 years, and you used this spring perch, and it's the 10 of May, and you are wearing jeans.......


I was after a stock for stock number. Stock springs, stock mopar perches. Basically, if everything on your rig is unchanged, there is a solid differential from going out from under the tube, to the top.

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if you reuse you current leafs, you can measure to get the lift you'll gain over the current height. But if you're adding in new leafs, that number will likely be different. Chances are slim that any 2 soa lifts will come out the same. that's due to the inherent variables in the parts themselves, but also that no 2 lifts seem to be done exactly the same way. for example, I've got 2wd packs with an extra main as an AAL, sitting on who-knows perches on a ford 9" (with a gazillion pounds of added weight in and on the truck). but that number won't help you much. :dunno: Sometimes ya gotta just do it and see what happens. then adjust as necessary. :thumbsup:

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