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Kinda ruined a great looking truck....MJ convertable...


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Yeah this up on post a while back .


Needs caged !!!!


If I were to cut the top off , I would have cut out the back of the cab and the bed and french it all in together .


By that point you might as well buy a two door XJ and cut the top off , then cage it . :nuts:


Besides the top , it just looks like is missing something .. :hmm:

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ive been watching that dude since day 1

he has a crazy country voice. :nuts:

read my comments, my youtube name is clout12000

lol, i tried to sell him taillights and roll bar :rotf: ....i think that roll bar i have would look good in that. just my opinion tho.

i was kind of upset when he was cutting it up, but he just wants something diffrent to haul his nasty wife around on the beach.

maybe if he put some subaru brat seats in the bed facing backwards, huh?

oh yeah, i would never sport this truck either...i would try to sell it or use the parts off of it for mine!!!! :clapping:

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I think convertible trucks are kinda cool - I remember when I was in high school there was that Dakota convertible they made for a year or so, and I thought it was pretty bad @ss. If you live in a warm area or spend a lot of time on the beach, it would probably be a sweet ride.


But I agree - I'd never do that to an MJ (unless it had been rolled or was already damaged) An S10, Ranger - sure, whatever. but clean MJ's are getting too hard to find. This dude probably doesn't know that, though.


Definitely needs a roll bar for safety & stability. And I'd probably do two different top set ups - a canvas for just the cab, and then maybe a full-length canvas that would do the cab and whole bed.

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