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Something only a JEEP FIEND could get excited about!


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ALL factory service manuals.

Regualr service manual

Body service/repair manual

2.46L engine manual

207 TC manual

all wiring diagram papers, unopened :shock:

and lastly a stupid auto trans manual (it was supposed to be manual, but doesnt matter I don't intend of learning to rebuild transmissions in the near future)


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(sorry I could help but post that ;) :nuts: )

holy hell man... :eek: :bowdown: :clapping:


x2!! Awesome! I just got really excited about the set I got cos (auto aside) its the right set for my truck!


I would love to have a day 'in your office' to check all those out :yes:

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Congrats man....


When I bought my MJ the OO had not one but two complete sets of FSMs for it...

It is absolutely invaluable when you are trying to fix something...


But now you need to get a copy of the electrical troubleshooting manual for it.

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I need about a day in there to clean it out & organize it.


I collected most of the FSM's back before everyone on Ebay decided they were worth $50-$100+ a piece.

I'd watch every auction, and if it went for less than $20, or so, I'd grab it.

Also used to keep a list of ones I 'needed', and bring it to all the car shows.


AMC shows were the best, since most of the parts dealers treated Jeep like AMC's r*tarded cousin :clapping: .


AMC Data books would be $100 each,

Jeep Data Books $20, or $50 if you bought the whole box. :yes:


I had a deal with one vendor,

every Jeep part or book he came across during the year went into a box,

and he'd give me a price at his clubs annual AMC show for the whole box.


It was all, or nothing, and every year I bought the box rtft.gif


Some other goodies:(yeah the room is really a mess)

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(sorry I could help but post that ;) :nuts: )

Yo Jim,, I'll swap ya an original Guttenburg bible printed in 20 A.D. with an authentic autographed pic of JC hisself and a quart of JD for a couple of of yer books.

:huh???: :fool:

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