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Ok. Being a n00b here, I know I don't have much credit. But past forums I've been on had a sticky in the tech section where everyone could list common mods to do to your vehicle.


Now I'm not talking half doors, exo-cages, or the 97+ front clip swap. What I'm talking about is simple, not too spendy mods everyone could(and probably should) do to their MJ. Things like swaping out your valve cover for the newer one


Soo....if you have one, post it up, along with a link or write up if you have one, then maybe someone in admin could make this post a sticky. It would be a great reference point for newbies



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N00b or not doesn't mater, come one came all. ALL have something worthy to contribute!!! The day ANY of us stop learning is the day we go meet our maker. I like the idea and a couple other members have started just such a post. :fool: I don't really like to lay the "GO SEARCH" on a n00b, mostly because ours isn't great. :roll:


Pete, (All mighty Admin and all around great guy, who runs this site) doesn't much care for "stickies". :yes:



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The day ANY of us stop learning is the day we go meet our maker




One of my instructors at wyotech taught me this life lesson. Ever since I've lived by that creed. Probably the best thing I learned during my time there (learing how to paint, do body work, and custom fab dang near anything was a plus)

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As far as common upgrades and repairs.........guest you didn't get around the board much :roll:




And my favorite :D




So, grab a cold one, and start checking out the DIY forum :brows:


And as Noted.......Pete keeps things simple around here, and Most of us like it that way


K.I.S.S :D


Oh, and welcome to the madness :wavey:

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Has anyone ever reset the search function? Searchers will need to be much more specific, but it helps. Send me a pm if you need.



I just may do that when I get back in town next week. we've done it before to try and get rid of the Common Word Threshold, but with little success. :dunno:

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