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Where to buy these parts?

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I am getting ready to put the tank back in the MJ.


I replaced the pump with a HO pump. Now I need the big O ring for the lock ring, the grommet that goes in the tank to hold the return line, and the spring washers that hold the wiring to the top of the tank.


I am striking out trying to find these parts. They are really holding up my progress.


Help me please!

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The 'washer' that holds the electrical wires is just a 3/8" spring nut, pressed on, any good hardware store should have that, and don't forget to replace the o-ring under that connector ;)


That rubber bushing......... :hmm: ........I'm sure something else could be used from a hardware store :dunno:


I know 2 hardware stores near me have the isle with the 50 thousand little slide out parts bins for all the odd and ends stuff. No, not the 'big box' stores :roll:


Don, I looked on my parts manual, and the sending unit is one, and the fuel pump in one, no separate part number for that bushing.

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