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really......really.......did that just happen...just my luck


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after working on alt and ps pump all day, i had my buddy pull my truck up to put the plow on.

he said "your pedal just went to the floor, and your dummy light is on"...... :eek:

I'm not sure which line it is, but it is up under the gas tank on the drivers side

I'm just gonna bypass tomorrow, but still....crazy right?

good thing it just happened in the garage and not on the road during a storm

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He just might get the gas-brake lines switched. Now that just might be interesting.


please explain so i don't :bowdown:


The fuel lines run parallel with the brake lines on the frame rail... and they're virtually identical, especially when they're covered with rust.


I was amazed when I was under the 99 today putting in the proper linkage, and the fuel line had a tag on it that said: FUEL

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Unfortunately that was a problem just waiting to happen. :( our brake lines typically die first up next to the gas tank where moisture is more likely to stick around and it's hard to get a hose up there to remove salt. I ran a new one essentially straight back to the rear axle in my 88 (bypassing the prop valve in the process). :D

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