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Michigan, Midwest people, or anyone else interested.

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Would anybody want to meet up at The Mounds ORV park in Genessee county for some wheelin' sometime? It costs $7.00 for residents of the county $10.00 for non residents and $25.00 for a season pass. Sunday is when I and a bunch of the GOT MUD? guys wheel out there. They aren't to strict with rules and such. There are a bunch of trails some hill climbing and alot of mud. There is also some sand scramble areas and such. It's not the best but it is good to take a few beers in the cooler, have some fun and see what kind of a situation you end up in out there.

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Oh, I've done my fair share of 2wd wheelin' (the 88 was 2wd and my only vehicle for many years), but for the moment the rear axle in the 88 is broken and the 90 doesn't have a rear axle at all. :D Rear axles tend to be important. :teehee:


Just make some kind of sled set up for the 90 rear and run on the front axle. :D 8)

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Actually he should be crossing the border at Detroit and then it's an hour and a half or so north to Flint.


So i have been corrected :dunce: you can tell i don't vere much from my southeastern states. I really need to get out more maybe ill get sent to colorado or up toward the northern area where most of you guys are. But who knows I'm along for the ride since uncle sam owns me. :D



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