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Put 35s on my 92 MJ

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I've had these tires sitting in my garage for almost a year now. 35x12.50x17 BFG KM2s. I had been waiting for smokin deal on 17s, and I finally found some.


Image Not Found


Image Not Found

Makes my brakes look tiny! Need to do a big brake upgrade! They didn't hurt the stopping really though.


Image Not Found

The D30 looks so puny under there. Good thing I have a one piece axle passenger axle that I am trussing and putting in a Super 30 kit with ARB that will go under there pretty soon.


Picked 'em up for $200 - 5 of them total. They had been used, couple dings and major scratches but nothing to compromise the integrity of the wheels. There was one that had a hefty ding in the outside edge (hit a rock pretty hard or something) but I go it beat out and has a nice sealing edge for the tire. I made it my spare.


The wheels had been painted black, they were originally chrome and had been scuffed up pretty good to get the paint to stick. So I painted them silver. I may powder coat them sometime down the road.


Anywho, I hope you like. I would have liked to have a bit less offset to kick the tires out a little more but over all I am pretty happy with it. They run great down the road. Since I was already gear for the 35s, I didn't notice much of a power loss.

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89eliminator - usually I agree on the big rim situation. But I like 17s on 35s and bigger. That and it gives me lots of room for a custom big brake upgrade down the road. Besides, I went from a 33 with a 15 to a 35 with a 17, so I still have the same amount of sidewall I had before!


Blue XJ - It's a fairly simple install. T and J Performance in Orange, CA sells a complete kit for the XJs and MJs. They call it the XRock. Here's the link to their online store:



They are cool guys over there. I worked with them for a long time. They are a complete Off Road shop, and have built tons of rigs. The actually helped start the Jeepspeed series, built most of the original cars and tons after that and have raced every season since the beginning. Not to mention all the routine maintenance and what not that they do.



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Thanks for the compliments folks.


They look blingy, but in actuallity, they are spray painted silver! When I got them they were painted black, and I didn't really like the way it looked, so I painted them silver before I had the tires mounted.


The lift is mostly Rubicon Express. Has the Drop Brackets, adjustable arms, a 4.5" coil and about 2" of spacers. I threw it together with what I had off the other truck, and plan on swapping the coils out for a 5.5" and reduce the amount of spacer.


I took the basic Rubicon Express trac bar, and modified my factory trac bar mount to turn the heim into a double sheer for a bit more strength. Works really well.

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