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what is this switch?

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i found a 1990 eliminator on craigslist for $375 bucks! it has no motor but for $525 i bought the truck and a motor. it is also a true eliminator too!! I'm really excited! it is now my 3rd MJ in my fleet. one question though is as i was looking in the interior, i noticed a switch i had never seen before (both my other MJs and the one XJ are pioneer editions) it was mounted on the left side of the steering wheel next to the factory fog light switch. it looks kinda like a shower head. can someone help identify this switch? photobucket isnt working so i can't upload pictures :( but maybe it will work later.

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thanks pete! is that for in the cab or in the bed?


The light is mounted on the outside of the cab above the rear window and lights up the bed. Pretty convenient. For what it's worth I think my 88 is a Pioneer and it has this switch and light. It also has the foglight switch but doesn't have any foglights. I haven't figured out if it used to have the foglights and a previous owner removed them.

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