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Howdy from Andy in PA (more west than the Orig. Andy in PA)


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I took my XJ to get it inspected and I saw an MJ out back of his shop, I asked him what the deal was and it was a customers who had it towed here. He didnt want to fix it after he got the estimate (starter, battery and some other issues). The owner didnt want it and my shop guy is just about to turn 70, so hes not as motivated to have it hauled away, so he said I could have it, pending paper work ........ so I'm just waiting on response from the owner to have the title transfered ........


I think its 2wd, but it will a little farm truck round town rig.

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Here's my rigs ........ No pix of the MJ yet, its got some rust, but not too much ........ when I recieve the MJ ill post it in the My Comanche's section


Green '96

bone stock

Craigslist find


Red '93

4.5 inch Hell Creek lift

Cragers, MTR's

Some basic muffler, intake bolt on stuff

Custom Front and rear bumpers (on currently, I know I need an up dated pic)


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