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Lift for front

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Hey i just joined and i have a 89 comanche. any ideas for cheap lift for the front? any help would be great


Here's one...get 2" front coil spring spacers off eBay for $40, and Chevy greaseable shackles off eBay for $50, should lift the front and back 2"...but if you're looking for anything higher than that, like Pete said, need LOTS more info as to what you intend to do with your MJ...

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On our son's XJ, we used 1.75 inch Daystar spacers on the front and Quadratec HD leaf springs on the rear to get about 2 inches of lift.


On our MJ, we are just going to go with the 1.75 Daystar spacers on the front, since it already has the forward rake.


We do not do a lot of off-roading, simply the occasional fishing and hunting trip.

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