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Hood pull cable broke!

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Yeah, but my hood seems to have a cable going between two latches on either side and down into the firewall from a combined latch mechanism. I didnt notice anything but the springs on the header area?

No, it has a skinny rod between the two latches. The write-up addresses your setup. The only other setup was the 84 - 86 style that had a single latch in the center.

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It's very common where the cable attaches to the rod "lever" for the lever to freeze up with rust. That where the one rivet is. Take a propane torch, and heat the rivet up some to burn out the rust, and then apply some lube, like white lithium grease to the rivet/lever, and that will free it up and allow the rods to retract and let the hood latch again.


That's what also causes the cable to break, when the lever freezes up with rust.


Stay away from the "universal" kit, it's not worth the trouble, get the OEM style cable, with the pull handle, and the mounting bracket and you'll save hours of work, plus get a better cable than what's offered in the kit.

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I'm trying to convince my dad to go with pins. When I rode back to WI with him from MO, the driver's latch stopped working, and the cable broke... 5 miles into the trip. You can still open the hood with a pair of plier... but I think lockable pins are better.

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