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help with pricing



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  1. 1. price

    • $1000-$1999
    • $2000 - $2999
    • $3000 - $3999
    • $4000 - $4999
    • $5000 - $5999
    • $6000 - $6999
    • $7000+

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year? miles? motor? stick/auto? mods? work done to it? I'm assuming it's 2wd.... it'd probably sell for more if you took those ugly taillights off it as well, i think i even have a spare set of factory ones somewhere i could sell you :rotf:.... body looks pretty clean, and i'm guessing thats not the original paint.. at quick glance and without knowing the mileage, if it's a 4.3 i'd say $2000, if it's a 305 $2500 - 3k, and if it's a 350 $3k-3500....

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just read the description under the pic: '95 shouldn't be a vortec motor unless it's a real late '95, '95 was the last year of the TBI motors... body looks super clean, but the mileage on it and the fact that it's a v-sucks (even though it's a stick)brings the value down a bit... i'd ask for $2600 and take no less than 2k...

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I think you could get 120-150 in scrap for that


thanks jerk ... jk we missed ya



would i be able to trade it for a zj?

why a zj?


cause i want to get back in to a jeep and the FEW mj around here are 2wd and any xj i find, well is out of my price range


i find that the zj's goa little cheaper :dunno:

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