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33x12.50 Tires on my MJ?

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For just street driving, any chance I get 33x12.5's on my MJ as it sits now? (Temporarily until I can get a 'real' lift)


I'm thinking 35's for my TJ might be my xmas present to myself...I hoped to eventually put my 33's from my TJ on my MJ... The 31's on my MJ are newer and might get better resell on Craigslist than the slightly older 33's...


I'm just thinking out loud...



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I ran 33x12.50 at 4.5" lift and had rubbing issues with even just a bit of lean in turns, like parking lot driving. Tweaking the length of the control arms I could choose between the front of the fender or the rear of the fender.


Adding 1.75" spacers in the front solved it, but I ended up cutting anyway to clear when flexed out off road. But then again, I don't consider bump stopping an option.

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I am running 31"x10.5 and still got some rub , even after my lift :grrrr:

so i went to 2" offset wheels .No more inside rub but the outer panel still touched.

I shaved the fenders and trimmed the panels . Most of the front bumpers I have been looking at

require fender elimination anyway. A good buddy of mine with a xj has 33x12.5's with a 4.5" lift. He did

not want to shave the fenders and about two months ago hit a nasty bump . The tires got so far under the fender it ripped both front

panels almost off. And destroying the entire front clip. The uni-body front is so thin it caused door hinge damage as well.

I think before I go 33" I am going with the 6" long arm kit , just to be safe.

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Thats how my rig was when i bought it. 33 - 12,5 tires at stock height. I did put some 30 - 9,5 on it when my dad used for hunting season, other than that i have driven it and wheeled it like this since i bought it. PO has done some minor fender trimming, and i put in 2" coil spacer last year. Rubs like :ack: but I'm kinda used to it now :nuts:. Since I like to play around in the snow, I would rather have this setup than smaller tires and a lift. 33" is just enough to stay on top of the snow.

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