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comanche rear sub box question

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This a MTX thunderform truck box out of a mid 2000's Chevy silverado. It fits nicely from side to side, cuts down minimally on leg room, eliminates space behind the seats, but does located a 10" sub behind each seat. The amp is built in and the box is plastic, so it has held up well. It sounds good too. Walmart has a small sub box, that the reviews say sound good. Everyones taste is different.


I temporarily removed the back trim because it rattled to much


The box does slide all the way back, and the speakers are recessed so they don't hit the back of the cab.

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bigger pics


WOW, nice job! Bet that thing hits HARD jamminz.gif I got one in the works, Sub/amps/speakers and storage...been dragging my feet on it, but I'm about to take a 2,500 mile roadtrip Dec 6th with the MJ, so that just lit a fire under my @$$ to get going on it to finish it in the next week...I'll post pics...but until then to get an idea of what It'll be like:


The sub will be center mounted, the side screens (contoured to the sub box) are going to be storage compartments and on the opposite sides of the storage compartments will be equally high/angled speaker boxes housing either component 5.25's or 3 way pioneers...havent yet decided. Either way, I have plenty of black material that I will wrap the whole thing in (except the brushed metal stuff, that will stay natural) when its done.




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