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Poly-Performance 4 link users?

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Anyone running this? Looks like this would beat the snot out of the typical LA's. The LA's I have seen unload something terrible. I would like to do this on my MJ and SOA in the rear. I only want to net 4-4.5" lift (to keep it low). I will proabably try explorer rear springs using my 2wd main leaf in the rear for less lift. If I have to I might consider spring sliders to keep the rear around 4".



I'd like to see some installed pics if anyone has some, or likes/dislikes


thanks -J

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I would buy the frame brackets and build my own links. This setup still uses a trac bar, so there will still be the limiting factor of the trac bar. This can be easily over come by relocating the tb mount.


Personally I am running one of the RK 3 link setups, and it just flat out works. It is also half the price of the PP kit, and is basically the same thing, just midding one link and a mount. The PP mounts look beefier though.

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