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This is my first post,.. so if it sucks to bad. But, anyways this is my baby-


I got her a few months ago but i havent had much time to work on her. I bought her from an old guy in the city, so she was a fairly clean truck. Shes a '90 MJ Pioneer Metric Ton Automatic 4.0L 6cyl.






The last few days my dad and I have been building bumpers for my truck, and so far it looks pretty good..... except for the primer of course. Theres a few minor pieces we have to add as well.





I'm eventually planning on converting it into a 4wd, i want to replace the engine with a 4BT Cummins, and a new paint job.


MORE TO COME.......!

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Now that i have all the parts i need to convert it into a 4x4, i can get started!

I have diffs out of a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500; Dana 44 in front and a Corporate 9.25 in the rear along with a 4" lift, but the best part is its free of charge!

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no bad i just got done building mine the one i made is out of 4 inch pipe with a 1/4inch plate fer my winch(12,000) to sit on :drool: :drool: what i would do is put a hitch on the front of your bumper jus makes it nice when you get stuck or have to pull someone out :brows:

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