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AX swap questions

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is a YJ AX15 a direct swap into a comanche if i use my t-case?

(its from a 6 cyl)

and would the output shaft of a 93 be 21 or 23 spline... cause my 89 would have a 21 spline correct?


i know ive got to fix up the crossmember to hold the different tranny but will i have to clock my t-case up at all?

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91 AX-15 would be 23 spline.

so, 89/90 is 21 then?

The AX-15 was a running change, introduced mid-year in the 1989 production run. Most likely the change from 21-spline to 23-spline was made at the same time, but ... it's a Jeep. You can't be certain of anything.

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yeah, but if its cheaper to get a 23 spline whole case then might as well. i can always re-sell the 21 spline case to regain losses.


i was actually thinking about rebuilding my brothers old 242 (went out cause the morons that rebuilt it put gear oil in :mad: ) and running that maybe but its 21 spline so id have to source the part first too.

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and are you saying that my BA10 crossmember can be moved to the AX holes and used?


thanks for the responses,



Yes, There are 4 holes per frame rail for the cross member. the 1st and 3rd are used for the BA10, and the 2nd and 4th are used for the AX-15. But be carefull when removing and installing the bolts. Use lots of PB Blaster to remove the studs, and then chase the new threads with a tap to grit rid of the almost 20years of crasp collectiiong in the,


Also, you will need the AX-15 tranny mount... Its different then the BA-10 and also a whole lot cheaper...




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Yeah, Petes right.. be very careful with those frame bolts... for one reason.. they use Pem-nuts.....


Nuts that are pressed into the frame.. If you have even the slightest of rust in there, and give you it a good shot with the impact.. chances are you will spin the nut loose.. and now you have a loose nut with a rusted bolt attached stuck in the frame... Not a good combination..


I know, my t/case skid plate nut has spun loose.. Luckily, its still tight enough that the skid doesnt rattle, but still loose enough, that I can twist it out of the way....




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