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Scored some new tires and rims today !!


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so a long story short i know this guy that has more money than he knows what to do with and he happened to have these tires and rims that he put on his yj for one weekend and then removed them to go bigger. a couple of lucky phone calls later and i picked these puppies up for a $1100 bucks ( i also got a matching spare rim) .

the before, 33-12.50-15 tsl


and the after

35-13.50-15 baja claws on 15-10 Trail Ready beadlocks


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Good score, not fond of those rims, but what ever floats your boat... :dunno:


Rob L. ;)

eeh , begers can't be choosers , besides they are a 100 times beter than the standard steelies that were on it


Looks good, but curious as to why your rear wheels set so far forward in the wheel well, not centered.


ya they do kinda sit forward a bit but it looks worse than it actualy is since the lower back section of the bed is cut off it sorta magnifies it , when the suspension compresses the wheel travels which will then center the wheel

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won't the rear axle pretty much go straight up more or less with the leaves?


Rob L.

no , it will travel in an arch when compressed and that will center the wheel , in this pic the tire is now centered in the wheel well , its kinda hard to see from the angle but its centered and there is about 3/4" gap in front of the tire and had the rear portion of the bed still been there i suspect it would have been the same amount of gap


Lookin' at your shackle angle it appears that your leaf packs are pretty sagged out. I had the same problem when I first got my LWB 91 MJ. A new set of MT springs brought the rear wheels back centered in the wheel well.

these springs have a 4" add-a-leaf stuffed in them so they aint sagged out , and besides if they were "sagging" then the springs would be either flat or negitivly arched just like the spring is in the above pic it full compression , here is that same pic from the other side a little closer

the reason mine sits forward is due to the add-a-leaf which increas the arch of the spring causing it to move forward , its the same thing that happens when u lift the front of a jeep 3-4 inches and keep the stock controll arms , it moves the tire closer in to the body but as it compresses it will center its self. get it

and yes I'm gona drill the spring perches to move the axle now with the biger tires , i thought about doing it befor but it never mattered with the 33"

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Nah i aint gona sell the other ones , now i gota go and buy another jeep for them to go :brows: :yes: :yes:


:drool: wow. 1100 smackers and you've got new tires, beadlocks and you can sell the old ones? dang. :clapping:
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