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Need some help!!! AX-15 swap Q...

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Ok so I am swapping the trannys in my MJ. I am going from a 2wd Ax-15 to a later 4wd AX-15. The truck is a 1991 2wd, internal slave. The new tranny is an AX-15 4wd from a 1996 Cherokee XJ. I was under the impression that I would need to swap the pilot bearing in my engine to the later one...Well, we got the pilot bearing for a 96 and the OD is too small to fit tightly in the crank! The old bearing mic's to 1.050in and the new one is 1.000in on the OD. The ID's are right. What in the world do I do? I want to be able to keep the external slave if I can. I've got to figure this out by 2mw b/c its in my buddy's shop and need to go back together. thanks guys -Justin

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have you tried the pilot bushing from a mid 70s Cj with the 304/stick?


I think thats what we'll look at...I went back through my little crash course thread and you had mentioned that before, but then someone said that was only when going from renix to AX-15 and my engine is Def not a renix...But hey, thats probably what it is...you know jeep,nothing is set in stone. haha. Any thing else it could be??

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