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Project Coyote

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So, I needed a truck that could pull medium-light duty 4-wheeling, get myself to Tahoe for skiing without worrying about the weather and (most importantly) dog transport. (I am sooooo over dog hair in the car). So, after searching around, I picked up an '88 4x4 short bed with 4.0 - 5 speed. It's a solid truck, buuuuut, it's a project for sure. Thus, Project Coyote (the survivor) is born.




Currently, I'm in the process of:


- Adapting Cherokee spare tire carrier/bumper to the back (mostly done).

- changing the interior from 80's burgandy to grey, along with late model cherokee buckets and console

- rebuilding the infamous clutch fluid contaminated fuse block.

- wiring new dome lights (last gen escort) and courtesy light mirror out of GMC Jimmy.

- late model cherokee seats and early 90's console

- late model cherokee mirrors


Also yanked the carpet to find...very little (thankfully) so I painted and faux-dynomatted the floor ready for the carpet. (pics taken as well)


Future plans include topper, paint, Line-X, good stereo, tires, small lift and whatever else tickles my fancy. Kinda would have liked to have gotten the Jeep 2500 front parts to update the looks, but looks like I missed that boat.


I'm sure the mechanicals will come with time (probably when I break something)


I've taken lots of pics, so when I get a chance, I'll upload and post 'em.



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what do you have in there now for seats? burgundy buckets? if so, and you're getting rid of them, i'd like to talk to you. pm me pics if you are interested in doing some dealing on them.


Looks like a nice one, welcome! :cheers:


Sorry man, mine had a bench with a broken back.

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Looks like a nice score!


BTW, NOT Jeep Gamblers...


These are Gamblers...




right, forgot the gamblers were 5 hole. American Racing, right? either way, my plan is to paint the center the same as the truck and paint the lips black for a bit of a retro look.

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Nope, they are both FACTORY JEEP rims!! Yours are called "phone dials" they came in two versions, an early one with rivets and later one with out. The Gamblers are factory TJ.


BOTH are nice rims!!




There was an American Racing rim that looked very similar to the Stock Jeep 5 Hole Gambler Rims as well. I hadn't heard the "Phone dials" name for those rims in the OP's Post...


but your right, BOTH are nice rims...like I said NICE score!

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