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Rear Bumper brackets


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Is there someone that makes the rear bumper bracket for a DIY bumper. What I had in mind is a basic 2x6 for the most part, but I would like the brackets to have D-ring brackets as part of the frame bracket, then I could pass it through the 2x6 if that makes sense?

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Pricey, but VERY nice.


For something a little less expensive (but also not as potentially useful), most of the auto body parts places sell the brackets that go with the Fey/Westin universal step bumpers as a separate kit. The bumper is the same for all the small pickups, and you buy the brackets to mount the universal bumper to your truck. As far as I know, the MJ brackets are still available.


http://www.discountbodyparts.com/catalo ... to%20Parts)&Ntt=bumper




$52.96 / pair

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