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Grinding Sound when turning full left.

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The comanche didn't do it when I first brought it home last week, this is a new sound. When I go full turn to the left there is a horrific grinding sound.


I don't get it when turnign to the right, not even a little.


I've checked the basics:

the tires aren't rubbing

the transfer case is in 2H

It's not the power steering pump



Any ideas?

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Did you actually stop and check while it is happening? This happen to me too, but not all the time. The drivers side tire hits the lower control arm but not all the time. If i turned the wheel while stopped and checked the tire didnt rub. I finally stopped the truck and got out and checked while it wass happening and the tire was rubbing. For some reason at certain times the top of the tire leans out farther which causes the tire to rub. not sure why. I need ball joints and wil be doing the u-joints at the same time along with the hubs

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