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4cyl MJ gas mileage?

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I'm looking to sell my cherokee and get a 2wd shortbed 4cyl. for gas mileage...


I just couldn't get away completely from driving a Jeep everyday.


My question is.. does anyone know what kind of gas mileage a stock 4cyl MJ gets?





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A few years ago I was corresponding with one of the NAXJA guys from the western (mountain) states about this. Don't remember now if he was from Montana, Wyoming, or Utah. Somewhere around there. He said both he and his son (two different 4-bangers) typically got in the high 20s. That's better than most people report, but low- to mid-20s should be realistic.

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Driving style can make a BIG difference.


My 4.0HO stick shift XJ gets 17mpg putting around town, but I don't drive it like most Americans do. I drive like Europeans do. Then again, that's what I am.

I don't understand your comparison at all. I'm a native-born American. I get 23 MPG out of a 21+ year old XJ 4.0L that has 283,500 miles on the original engine. I drive like a little old lady ... which is NOT the way most Americans drive.


Having driven in Germany and England, as well as ridden in several other European countries, my overall impression is that the average European drives like a Kamikaze pilot ... which is also the way the average American drives.

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I have not been back in Europe for 22 years, but when I lived there, Italians drove like kamikaze pilots.


Overall driving style I remember was to shift early, accelerate slowly and anticipate stop so you can coast instead of standing on the brake. Overall driving style I witness here (and in Canada) is to take off like a jack rabbit, wind out every gear, and hit the brakes at the last moment.


These are generalizations, and do not apply to any person in particular.

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