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Bonneville Speed Week '09 pics!! More photos posted!

Pete M

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Here's a small batch so you guys can get a sense of what I got to drool over. :D I've got enough new desktop images to last for a while. :yes:




This is the Lake View Cruiser. A family team who ran 175mph the day before I met up with them. I haven't yet heard if they were able to best that. They just now became a member here, and I'm hoping they';ll have some of the pro's photos of the truck at speed. :bowdown:

(this shot was taken at the starting line line. note the padding used to try and keep the interior at a survivable temperature :ack: )







This sweet MJ is owned by Vern. Hopefully he'll stop by too. :thumbsup:


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If I remember right, the Lakeview team is from California.


WFC was having engine troubles. It was still in the trailer when I had to leave and catch the flight back on Tuesday. They were eventually able to get the truck through the tech inspection :thumbsup: , but I have not yet heard whether or not they were even able to make a run. I'll update as soon as I hear.

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