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FUUUUUUU...Look What I did.


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My truck had eyebolts through the two holes.


Regardless, safety chains shoud never be that far away from the pivot point (the ball in this case)


As you found out, they act as limiting straps when turning if they are mounted farther away.

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Oh hell, you can fix that...and don't waste your $$$ at a body shop. That part of the bumper isn't that durable and will bend easily. Get a big hammer and/or something to gently back the truck into to bend it straght again. Then grind the paint off, slap some bondo on it, sand, primer then satin black the whole thing. Prob $20 in parts and a couple hours of your time. I've fixed many XJ/MJ bumpers that way.



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Yep did exactly that^^^

Where are the safety chain hooks?

I'm glad to hear those aren't the correct hooking parts.




Not to be too much of a jerk, but if you actually thought that was a legitimate place to attach your safety chains, do not EVER think about towing anything again until you educate yourself on how to properly tow a trailer. Towing a trailer is not something that should be taken lightly. Trailer towing safety is something that is way too often overlooked. Too many people think that just because they have a hitch they can safely tow a trailer.


Here are some things for you to research before attempting to tow a trailer in the future.




Tongue weight

Weight distributing hitches

Anti-sway bars

Hitch classes (Class I, II, III, IV, V)

Ball mounts

Trailer balls

Trailer brakes


Towing a trailer is something that should be taken seriously and with an awareness of the danger that you place everyone in who is sharing the road with you.





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I'll agree with CRF136N, it's fixable :D


Last year I took a OEM bumper all apart and straighten it out, took out the little dings and divots, and re-enforced the center section, the bumper it's self in only 12 ga steel. A little heat, and a lot of banging, and you good as new :D


here's picts =




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