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S.S.O. 87 comanche

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well its not bad but this is my first comanche it does fine offroad have to use 4-low but i will put 4.88's in time. the clutch is fine doesnt slip or smell when i wheel it. my old truck was a 78 f250 4x4 with a worked motor and 42's so i guess the power is lacking a little lol

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i don't really drive it on the road its more of a play toy but i do take it to work which is only a mile or so but 5th gear is not possible with the tires so i use 4th it rides good down the road has some power but i will get 4.88s soon enough if i do i will upgrade to a ford 8.8 or dana 44 in the back first i can't see putting money in the dana 35

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