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Rotted frame. jack stand points?

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So i began the next phase of my project which entails taking the 3:55 axles from my donor for my DD. but after i jacked it up and lowerd the frame onto the jack stands, the one on the passanger side cruched my rotted to heck frame. is there another safe place i could put my jackstands? or perhaps some other way to secure the truck high enough for axle removal?

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If you use something like a 2x4 between the jackstand and frame it should spread out the pressure enough to let you work, but after you get it set up, I would jump and jostle it a bit to make sure it looks like it will hold up before crawling under. Good luck!

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Um.... Not sure if this is a project vehicle or what but wouldnt addressing the frame be the main issue right now? Hold off swapping the axles.




Details man details... I wouldn't be swapping axles into a uni-body truck that has frame-rot. Might want to start trying to find a rolling chassis donor thats less rusty. Rust on a door or fender is ok, but when a jackstand crunches it like a junebug, bad deal.


Rob L.

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