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Best Torque Converter?

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Well since i had the Transmission out i was going to replace the Torque Converter, and was wondering if there were any good aftermarket ones people might have known about.


That is the rear axle limiting strap that is mounted onto the top of the housing.

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'Tis a good thought. Sorry we couldn't be of more help (though not everyone checks the site daily so someone might post up with something later). It just seems that oem work good enough that there doesn't appear to be much aftermarket support. :hmm:

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They come up on the strokers forum now and then. Guy down in Louisiana manufactures them; specs are:


~Specifically designed for Jeep 4.6L H.O. 'Stroker' high-torque


~Hand brazed turbine and stator fins, inside and out

~All roller thrust bearings (no bronze or composite thrust washers)

~Reinforced pilot with additional welding for added strength

~Special stator and turbine fin angles & clearances for lower stall

ratio & higher efficiency than OEM units


About $250 w. core.

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Actually your advice was about correct. Turns out from many other forums i have searched the aw4 is best with the stock torque converter.


If i had the 4.6 stroker motor i would prob buy the one you mentioned.


thanks for the help!

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