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don't neglect a leaking clutch master cylinder.....

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Driving back from the junkyard today, a guy in a car behind me pulls up and tells me I have no brake lights, so I drive the rest of the way toggling the parking lights when I stop so noone rearends me. Troubleshoot at home and fixed it (turned out to be a loose wire on the brake light switch I swapped in when I did the dual diaprahm booster upgrade last year) but in the process I pulled the 5A instrument light fuse to check it and it crumbled in my fingers. Started pulling the rest of them, same thing. I had a leaking clutch master a couple of years ago, and doused the entire fuseblock with electrical cleaner which cleaned the block ok, but I guess the fuses were a delayed reaction.


Moral of the story, check your clutch master!




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actually it wasn't the fuse that caused the problem with the brake lights, it was a splice I made last year to the brake light switch. I was messing around up under the dash yesterday, and I guess I must have pulled the wiring and loosened the connector :oops:


Funny thing is, all of those things that used to be called fuses^^^ were still working when I pulled them (or pieces thereof).

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