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cupple of lift ????????s

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all right i got all of my rear spring over stuff ( spring pads, longer bolts, A welder ) tell me if i am missing any thing, also i have a dana 44. now for the question i am getting some ZJ V8 coils from ebay and my two inch pucks. now i need new sway bars. i think i will make them. i need a track bar, and LCAs and i don't know if i will need uppers tell me plez and if i do what kind can i use some zj,wj i don't know so if you can tell i will listen. i got the break lines under control. any thing else plzzzzzzzzz tell meeeeeee



also if you guys know the length of the upper and lower control arms ( eye to eye ) for a 4.5- 5 inchs of lift that would be awsome

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Wow. You really have a lot of questions and variables. :dunno:


You might be able to get away with stock UCAs but you need to see what the total nets in regards to lift. I generally don't like to see much more than 4" of lift on stock uppers unless you are running drop brackets.

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so i just looked up the UCAs and LCAs and i guess from the math i did for every 1 inch of lift you should " SHOULD " make the control arms 1/2" longer :dunno: this sounds right i think





that would mean a 4" lift would result in a 2" longer control arm. FAIL. That is not true.


Look at this link:


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Sus ... _Chart.htm

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If you are doing an SOA to the rear, you need approximately 6" of lift for the front. The way you are going about it is NOT recommended, and is what I would call a hack job. You really should buy the appropriate parts for the front end to ensure that it is done right and safely driveable. With that amount of lift, you will definitely need both UCA's and LCA's, an adjustable track bar, and extended sway bar links. If you are not going long arm (which would be the best thing to do), you may want to get some LCA drop brackets as well. :cheers:

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To match a typical SOA, you'll need at least 4.5" in the front (and that will most likely leave a decent rake). Your two inch spacers and ZJ coils will give you 3.5" at best. You're gonna have at least a 2" difference between the front and the rear - maybe even 3". Thats a lot of rake!


I'd suggest finding a used set of 4.5 - 5.5 coils instead of the ZJ ones and spacers. The cost won't be all that much different and you will be MUCH happier.


At that height, you will need adjustable uppers and lowers to properly set your caster and pinion angles - and to center the wheels in the wheel wells. Fixed length arms can be problematic - especially when you don't know exactly how high you'll be with used springs. Get adjustable. You can get by without control arm drop brackets - you'll have a rough ride, but its not the end of the world.


You'll need an adjustable track bar to center your axle left to right. They come in different lengths to accomodate different lift heights - pay attention and get the right size.


You'll need either sway bar extended connectors, or discos.


And for the rear, think about how the shocks will mount. You might have to weld on some new shock mount tabs - they are cheap.


Oh, and take LOTS OF PICS. We all love to watch progress on lifts!!


Here is a little chart I put together when doing a very similar lift. I got CA lenght info from two different sources:


Control Arm Lengths (eye to eye)


Rough Country

4" 16.33 15.00

4.5" 16.50 15.00

5" 16.60 15.25

6" 17.00 15.50

Motion Offroad

4" 16.38 15.00

4.5" 16.50 15.13

5" 16.63 15.25

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o sweet thank you :bowdown:. these measurments will help out alot i think i will just spend the money on the adjustables :agree: i will work better in the long run and i think i will get the adj. track bar and i will make my own sway bars. and o yea i have shocks allready in the rear and front from a cherokee with 8 inchs of list so i am good to go there uggg i need a raise :rant:

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i think I'm gona just buy this http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.m ... sus_xj_kit and add a 1.5 coil spring spacer :dunno: sounds good to me



i still wana here what you guys think of this lift good or bad

The general concensus around this site is to stay away from Rusty's :no: . There is a reason that they are cheap...you get what you pay for.

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Why would you plan on adding spacers to a kit? Kits are designed around the coils they come with. That extra 1.5" could max out the shocks, the track bar, the sway bar links or the brake lines and your controls arms are now too short for the height. Just buy the kit you need. :thumbsup:

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