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SE areas?


Will these work?  

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  1. 1. Will these work?

    • Yes, they are good without Kentucky.
    • No, Kentucky is in the SE, add them.
    • No, Virginia is the Mid Atlantic area
    • Yes, leave the KY and VA in the SE area.

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I guess the SE areas need to be set.


What do ya'll think about using these states as the SE areas,







North Carolina

South Carolina




Kentucky could be included as well but the seem to be closer to the Great Planes side of things.



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VA kinda has the same problem as on NAXJA between the SE and NE areas......I tend to associate the majority of our state with the SE. But, the folks up in NoVA (DC area) are more in line with the NE.


I'm stayin' put here ;) (unless I'm up home in PA, then I'll revert back to my Yankee roots)



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Since these mini-forums are for orchestrating get-togethers, anyone that feels they are on a border state can simply monitor both forums. :thumbsup: There's no need to choose sides.

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Plains region? Have you ever BEEN to Kentucky? Flat ground. WTH is that??? Kansas is flat, not here. The trails run up, down, and sideways across the HILLS. "The rolling Bluegrass of Kentucky"- not "The Standing Bluegrass of Kentucky". Anyway, Southeast works for us down here, as we are not quite far enough South to be "southern" for the "majority" of the U.S. (even though we drink sweet tea, mint julips, grow some of THE best tobacco in the U.S., etc, etc.), So, Y'all come on down, kick yer shoes off if you wear 'em, an make yor selfs at home. image_209027.gif

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