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what is better this 8.25 or an 8.8

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It really depends. What's the price of the 8.8 you're looking at? The 8.8 is a stronger axle and comes with better brakes, but you have to get it set up to fit your vehicle, and it doesn't have a locker in it. The 8.25 isnt really a WEAK axle, but not the greatest. It already comes set up for an XJ, locked, and with an extra set of shafts...If you have an XJ, the 8.25 seems like the best choice.

What's the price of the 8.8, and is it already set up for your vehicle?

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That deal on the 8.25 looks pretty good. But, check the axle spline count. Somewhere around 96' they increased the spline count. More is better. A lot of people wheel em with good results.


There's a lot of posts here on both. This is an ongoing debate....I think it really comes down to tire size. The 8.8 will survive under larger tires than the 8.25. The 8.8 is just stronger. It does have C-clips, but they are pretty beefy themselves and you'd have to break a huge shaft to lose the tire/wheel.


I run an 8.8 and really happy with it. Huge axles, 30 splines (I think), discs, factory limited slip which works well, large tubes. I do wish it was a bit wider, but i can live with it.


Keep in mind, if you use the 8.8 you'll have to get a flange for the drive shaft and either a dual length U-joint or have the stock shaft changed to a longer U-joint. I think the stock Mj/XJ u-joint is a 1310 and the Exploder is a 1330. not sure about the numbers, but the explorer version is not larger, but longer. You can put the 1310 in the Exploder flange yoke but it won't fill it out, and you shouldn't run it long like that.


You'll also have to weld the tubes to the carrier on the 8.8, not a bad idea with either though.


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I'd go with the 8.8.


I would have said 8.25 if it were 29 spline, but it's a 27.


He can always get the 29 spline stuff for it later. And this 8.25 already comes with spare shafts.


IMO, both axles are too expensive. $450 is about what I'd expect to pay for a D44 with a locker. I've seen 4.10 D44s go for ~$300

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The 8.8 is the better choice...no question. :thumbsup:


I would even choose the 8.8 over the D44 any day.


IMHO, all three are good axles. Each has its pluses and minus. I have all three, I have wheeled, abused and run all three of these axles. My top choice is the D44, but this is not one of your options or what this topic is about.


I cannot tell if what you have in the 8.25 is a 29spline or not. Mvusse seems to know its only 27 spline, unsure how... Any how the 8.25 is a very good, strong axle and at its best with 29 Spline shafts. Its case is every-bit as strong as a D44's. Its two biggest negatives are a limited selection of after market traction devices and ratios limited to 4:56. Brakes are good and discs are available. Its the correct width for our Jeeps.


The 8.8 is also a stout axle, likely the strongest CASE of the three. The 8.8 also has a version with 29spline shafts, 31spline shafts are what everyone wants as they are stronger. Its widely available with discs and also desirable 4:10 gears. Its width is 5/8" on EACH side narrower. Its case, while plenty strong is FREAKING HUGE!! A D60 doesn't loose any ground clearance to one.


SO, as long as the 8.25 is a 29spl and gearing was not needed any lower than 4:45's. It would boil down to cost. I'd buy the cheaper one.



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Wait, I misread, it's a low spline 8.25?

They're both way too expensive. I paid $200 for my complete 8.8 with disk and an extra set of shafts. I paid 150 for a 3.55 locked high spline 8.25, and my last 8.8 was $100 and it's 3.73 posi with disc.

8.8 rears are 31 spline, 44's are 30 spline.

I would suggest a little more looking, unless you really don't have ANYTHING near you...over $250 is a huge ripoff for an 8.8 unless it's setup for your truck already.

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I didn't read the post link you attached...


As fort costs, I agree these prices are expensive based on whats available here. Around here $500 is a good price for a clean D44 with at least 3:55's. $300 for either the 8.25 w/29 splines 8.8 with discs and 31 splines.


I agree with Hawk, the only way this would be OK was if they where properly geared and completely bolt in to your rig. Somekind of traction device like a factory LS as well.



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