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Fix for Sagging Seat?

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I think the PO was a bit heavier than me, the outboard side of the drivers seat bottom sags badly.

I really want to keep the original seats, since other than the sag, they're in excellent condition.

Anyone ever successfully resolve this issue short of replacing the seat? FPM indicates that the driver

and passenger bottom are same PN, so I might just "cheat' and swap them. CPD shows the pad and

pan assy (PN 55195850) still available at ~$200 bucks, but it's not _that_ bad yet. Comments?

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El cheapo way: Pull both buckets, pull both seat bottoms. Pull upholstery from each bottom and reverse the upholstery installation on the bottoms. Reinstall seat bottoms using the passengers bottom on the drivers side, and vice-versa. The seat belt retainers on each seat bottom will be correct too. :cheers:

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...the outboard side of the drivers seat bottom sags badly.

Get one out of an XJ at the junk yard, you'll only need the bottom pan/cushion. Only four bolts hold it onto the frame. The metal pan on my driver's side was cracked parallel to the frame on the outboard side causing the sag, got one for less than $10 at the local pick-n-pull.


I have my bench seat sagging on the left side (probably from the left leg moving constantly up and down to push in the clutch), What would you guys advise about this?

I put some plywood between the foam and springs, not the most comfortable on long trips but it was temporary until I got a set of buckets.

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