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school sucks... football rocks!


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I know its for my own good, but damn 5 hours of studying for one class in one day on week 2

o well looking forward to Sunday :popcorn: image_209027.gif :cheers: image_209027.gif :popcorn:


Any predictions for Sunday?


I have a lab class that is 3 hours long, and requires about 5 hours outside of lab each week working on a writeup. All that for a one credit lab. What a rip.

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School sucks? Tell my 12 year old that.


5 day weekend last week because of snow days.


School Monday and Tuesday.


And now in the middle of another 5 day weekend because of another 3 consecutive snow days.



I may have to remind her that all the extra snow days will postpone summer vacation because they have to be made up.

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