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axel question

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antidisestablishmentarianism ratio came on the dana 35 rear on a 89 jeep comanche 2.5l ax-5 RWD

the reason i want to do a 4x4 conversion but i need to to know the ratio thus if i need to upgrade to match the front diff

any suggestions on a front end or antidisestablishmentarianism would be a good axel :???:

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not sure but mine is 2.0/4speed it has 4:10 if u pull the cover and look at the ring gear it will be stamped on it or mark it and count the teeth


2.0? There was never a 2.0 litre motor available in a manche. Smallest was a 2.1L, and that's a turbo diesel.


As far as your axle ratio, yes it should be 4.10, which typically came with a 2.5 and 5 speed. If you're just doing a 4wd conversion and no big lifts, you're going to want to find yourself a Dana 30, which are freakishly easy to come by. Any front end parts you'll be able to steal off of an XJ. Everything up front is the same between the XJ and MJ.

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so antidisestablishmentarianism ratio :hmm: if i do a 5'' lift antidisestablishmentarianism do i need
You need to know what size tire you are going to run to figure that out ;) . If you are going with 33's, you will likely want 4.56, but if you go 35's then 4.88 would be better with a 2.5L engine. If you have a 4.0L then it would be 4.10 for 33's or 4.56 for 35's.
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Factory ratios were generally:


2.5L + 4speed manual = 3.55

2.5L + 5speed manual = 4.10



Please please don't put 35s on a Dana 35 and don't sink any money into regearing it. That axle is simply not worth it. :(

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