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tail pipe stack

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Uh, I think I might know what he's talking about. I saw it on a mud truck once. Basically, where the tail-pipe exited normally (somewhere behind the rear wheel) they welded an upturn and about 6' of pipe on it so the exhaust was pointing straight up way out back.


Pretty much the closest thing you can get to putting a pride sticker on your truck, without putting a pride sticker on your truck.



Or maybe he's talking about a stack like I had. Dunno.

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well i hope you like water in your exhaust


? not the smartest thing but To each their own. But what use does it serve?



Water won't do anything... It'll just evaporate, not that you'll get much in there.


Image Not Found



I had a stack. I can admit it. I thought mine was okay because:


1) I only had one

2) It wasn't huge

3) It was right behind the cab

4) It wasn't chrome, nor did I even polish the stainless

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Yeah, but unless the water level is actually higher than the head, it won't mater. Typically if it's that high and you stall, you ain't gonna be starting it again anyways.


Yes, you can water-proof the 'all hell' out of everything, but time is still against you when you're in the water... See how long a starter works under water, especially dirty water.

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well idk ive sumerged the whole front end and nothing happened the reason i ask is once when i was lowering my boat in the water i stalled out and my bed and tail pipe were completly submerged and had a hell of a tme gettingit started :headpop:

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