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the WTF wobble.

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It's not the DeathWobble..


I have been told that it's the Control arm bushings.


Need some other opinions.


Get on the freeway here. drive.. all is cool.


Get off the freeway go from 60ish.. apply brakes and I get the WTF Wobble. If I shift to 4th.. let the clutch out and apply brakes to about 30.. then clutch in and neutral and brake.. I am fine.. but without the downshift.. WTF Wobble is nasty.. bounces the front end nicely.


So.. Opinions.

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was late.. so maybe not clear


Slowing down from 65mph if I just press the clutch and the brakes brakes I get violent shake in the front end.


Slowing from 65 if I put it in 4th gear and with the clutch engaged I press the brakes I get no shake


so with transmission engaged no shake without the transmission engaged I get a hell of a nasty shake.


I can compensate for it by downshifting. Really would like to just know what it is.


On a side not. At regular surface street speeds (30-45 here) I can disengage the transmission and press the brakes and there is NO WOBBLE. (thus why I think it's the bushings)

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tranny torque mount? you can use a dial indicator and check your rotors. .005 is spec and minimum thickness is .89 and .86 (4wd/2wd). you can take a jack and start jacking up joints and see what ones crush. personally, i had this problem with my truck. i put a new axle in it (fried pinion bearings) and it went away. blew the steering stabilizer, it came back. so there is a really a long list of things. just start checking them all and ask us if you have any questions. image_209027.gif

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