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Water in the air filter? 88 MJ

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Two different problems

Read up on the oil problem here:


Very common with the 4.oh


Water in air filter? first step would be to find out where the water is coming from then go from there


Ya, I was trying to figure out where the water would come from, any idea? It appears to be coming from the two small hoses (vacuum lines?) in the back of the air box.


Any help would be appreciated.

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As your CCV looses it's ability to properly vent the crank case, the engine will begin to push combustion blow by in to the air box. As the water vapor and oil vapor combine it forms a whitish/ brownish foam. Look in the oil fill tube for almost any 4.7 and you will see the same stuff, as thats where the rocket scientists decided to put the PCV valve and the gasses condense on the colder plastic.

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i should probaly stick a pcv valve on mine i just have a pcv elbow :ack: i get blow by btw wats the big cylinder looking thing on the back of the valve cover were the vacuum hose hooks up :???:


That's a crankcase breather/filter or as the parts manaul calls it, (filter, ventilation valve part# 53002466). Not many auto parts stores carry them but the dealership can get it for you. I just got one from them for $11 if I remember right.



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