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hub is stuck now what?????????Urgent!!

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That's pretty slick. :bowdown: If I had a nickel for every hour I've spent

removing hubs,I'd.... still be poor.

But I would have spent a lot more time Jeeping

and less prying and beating.

Thankyou for the tip.Pete needs to make that

a sticky for all us beginners. :cheers:

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Now once you get it out, clean the surfaces both inner and outer with a wire wheel. Use anti seeze for reassembly and the next time it will come apart as nice as can be!!


If you ever need to swap out a axle shaft on the trail, in the mud, on a side hill, you will remember my suggesting this. :eek: :D





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You guys make it sound so easy. However, even using that technique it took me 4 hours!


The one side pushed out a bit and got styuck, then i had to make the rest of the hub catch up so it was straight again before the first bolt would go a bit further. About 1/32" at a time...


Repair manual was no help: "remove the three bolts and pull the hub out" or something to that extend.


Took me almost an entire day to replace a $10 U-joint.

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I get some spare bolts and use them as hammer bolts.


remove the good bolts


thread hammer bolts in a few threads


hammer the sh*t out of them until the hub comes out a ways.


use a screwdriver as a wedge so that the hub stays straight and doesn't rock at all while hammering it out.

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Take all but 1 bolt out. Back it out a little bit and put a socket on it. Than simply turn your steering wheel and it will pop the hub off. You'll use the knuckle to push on the bolt, thus pushing the hub out a bit. Once you get it out a bit you can pry on it with a screwdriver.


Genius! Definitly gonna have to remember that next time I need to pull one off.

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I have always had good luck with soaking them with PB Blaster, let it set for about 10 minutes and then use one of the above methods to knock it out. It has been my experince that once it breaks loose, it come right out with no trouble when lubricated with PB.


Sorry I didn't catch this sooner to offer the advice, but I am having some coputer issues and I am very limited on Internet time right now.

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