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1986 Comanche 2.5 5-Speed

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Hello everyone!

i own 86 Comanche Longbed 2.5 5-Speed 4wd 237k miles, factory steel rollbar & bedliner, it was black with red sticker i fix up do some body works has grey primer allover only things bad news busted tail gate, shift trans was down problem bad clutch, i plan put new engine and trans, also 2" to 3" lift. 8 years ago bought for $500 alike that came with steel roll bar on front & back bumper has weld on it i am little disappointed i could not remove both bumpers.

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Officially they came out in 85 as an 86 model. I'm insanely curious to see what the title says. Wouldn't be the first mistake by the DMV. And it wouldn't be the first time my reality was shattered by new info about AMC during the early years of the XJ/MJs. :D

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lose the tow hook mounted to the frontbumper...tow hooks need to be bolted on with heavy duty (grade 8 or better/equivelant) bolts. welding is not considered strong enough, and there's nothing worse than seeing the welds brake and the hook go flying and injuring someone

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