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ever wish


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Do aney of you with built rigs ever wish thay wern't so built, I have a 89 toyota on 37' irocks dual cases with lockers front and rear. It has decent flex. Most trails are not much of a challange aney longer. i have had severail rigs over the last years and all built about the same.


I do not have the money to travel to MOAB every chance i get. I lived in MOAB for 2 years it was a blast in every rig i owned. From my stock f250 to my way built samuri.


In my area ther isent much i had more fun in my toyta when it was 33s and 4' suspension lift open open



so dose aney one else wish ther rig was less built

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No.My first Jeep.6 mo's. into the ordeal.

I still have inchitis. :roll:

I just wish we had hills,or rocks,or something

other than sand and mud.

My driveway is the steepest thing I've climbed

so far,and I'm way over built for that. :D

I'm praying for a good hurricane this season so's

I can go play.


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