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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone know how hard swapping in cruise control to a non-cruise truck would be? Found a great donor at the jy and need at act quickly. Mine: 92, 4.0, 4x4, 5sp Donor: 92, 4.0, 2wd, Auto
  2. Hey guys, as the tag line suggests the blower motor fuse melts every time I think I've fixed it, I've tried a new blower, gone over most of the harness for these ghetto fabulous spliced wires ( like 3 spliced to one) found 5 probably more in there, (that fixed the signals and hazards). I'm thinking it's probably not the resistor from what I've read seeing that I have all speeds just it will work for about 15 mins then unfortunately I realize I haven't fixed it. Basics it's 88, also is there a master ground for the blower/interior electrics like there is for the engine?
  3. my '88 jeep has no cab light above the back window. any kits out there to add one? or is there select trucks I can pull a light off of at the junk yard? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I've read the forums for a few years, but I haven't posted before. I'm in the middle of an engine & transmission swap in my 89 2 wheel drive pioneer mj, longbed. It came with a ba-10 from the factory and I'm upgrading it to an Aw-4. The original I-6 seized and I swapped in a 87 I-6. I have the new trans & engine in the truck now. Just have to connect everything up + buy some misc parts for the auto conversion. :wrench: Then I can crank it over and see how it sounds. :driving: I have a question about the speed sensor. Any advice appreciated. This: My Aw
  5. looking around the DIY section i found the thread "junk Yard upgrades" one part is the ford electric fan from a Taurus or mustang...anyone done a electric fan on there truck? did you rip one from the yard or buy a new one? its an idea ive been rolling around for quite awhile. the truck is a 86 2.5 5sp. any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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